Terms of Service

When initiating an order for any of my services, you automatically agree to all the terms stated below and you understand that any violation of those could lead to severe punishments and action taken against you, in order to make restore any loss or damage that might be caused by the breach of my terms. As a client, you also agree that you are at least 18 years of age or you have your parent’s/guardian’s consent for initiating a purchase.

Excuses such as “I didn’t know” or “I did not agree to this” are not valid and will not be taken into consideration.

You will have the Terms of Service provided before the payment is made and you must agree to them, otherwise you will not be able to initiate a purchase for any services of mine.


“You”, “Your”, “Yourself”, “Those”, “The Client” refers to the people who’ve initiated a purchase and ordered any of my services, now known as the clients. “Me”, “My”, “I”, “Mine”, “The freelancer” refers to myself, Ladislav Proc, who delivers the Plugin Development and Setup services, known as the freelancer.

Refund Policy

All purchases are final and no refunds will be given, unless decided otherwise by myself.

I should not and will not give a refund in case you fail to comprehend the terms stated in this document and end up violating any of them.

You are not allowed to open a chargeback under any circumstances, doing so may result in our agreement being voided, which will allow me to resell any of the products or services in order to make it up for the loss and damage caused by the violation of my terms.

Privacy Policy

I value your privacy and I promise not to share or misuse any confidential information (e.g. name, address, email, phone number etc). Any information collected during the payment process will be used with the sole purpose of completing your order.

I reserve the right to keep track of all the PayPal transactions made during the order process related to my services.

Transaction Issues

In case any issue is encountered, in terms of payment not processed, items not received, payment method not supported or such, you will have to contact me, in order to get your issue resolved as fast as possible.

You must pay 50% before any work is started on your project, all the payments having to go through my official PayPal account. However, in case live work is being done directly on your server, you must pay 100% before the work process starts.

If any funds are on hold or not processed, I reserve the right to wait for them to be released before starting the work on your order.

Ethical Policy

I shall not and will not accept requests which are deemed to be offensive, abusive or wrong to my beliefs and ideals, under any circumstances.

Projects against the rules of a specific platform, game, website or any applicable law will be denied.

I reserve the right to judge any request myself and decide whether I agree to the details mentioned before initiating the work.

Extra Charging Policy

I reserve the right to request additional charges in case your project contains multiple differences from the initial request stated or if you decide to shorten the given deadline, which involve an additional amount of hours and work from my end.

If you wish to receive the source code of your project, you will need to pay an extra charge decided with me, based on the complexity and details of the whole project.

Redistribution/Reselling Policy

You are not allowed to claim any of my work as yours, or claim in any way that it was created by you or someone else. All the work credits must be given to me, as I was the one developing and working on your project.

All my products are bound to a licensing system. For more information, visit http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0. Reselling or redistributing any of the purchased goods or leaking to third parties is strictly forbidden and, if found doing so, all your licenses, services or products will be immediately and permanently disabled.


There is no warranty for any of my products, unless decided otherwise before initiating your order.

In case any issues arise after the order is marked as completed, I reserve the right to request additional charges in order to apply any fixes or changes.

Virtual Goods

All my services and products consist of virtual, non-tangible goods, therefore there will be no shipment or tracking information provided to you, since the delivery will take place online, using one of the platforms where the whole order process takes place, including but not limited to: Discord, Email, Gmail, Github.

Intellectual Property & Product Ownership

All the intellectual property rights will belong to myself, Ladislav Proc, and you will not gain the product ownership upon ordering, unless decided otherwise before the order is placed.

None of us will have the right to resell or redistribute the product to any third parties without consent.


If any term mentioned in this document will be broken, further action will be taken against you on PayPal or any other platform used to finalize the transaction, in order to restore any loss or damage caused by the violation.

This can change at any time, so you’ll need to check on the updated document before initiating a purchase, in order to be up to date with all my terms.