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Hello, my name's Ladislav. I'm a developer and setup specialist.

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Plugin Development

I can turn your creative plugin ideas into reality and allow your players to enjoy a bug-free experience whilst you continue to grow.

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Server Setup

Working alone or as a team of setup specialists, I can efficiently get your server ready for release to the public by adding plugins and loading builds.

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Your plugins are the back-bone of your server, your players love them, so don't let a rookie configure them. Come to me and get it done properly, first time.

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Graphic Design

I express my creativity through design, come and get a thread design or website design completed by me and express your brand through art.

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Learn More About Me

Hello! I'm Ladislav and I live in Slovakia! I began developing in 2017 and programming is my main hobby. I strive for customer satisfaction and am always trying to better myself as a developer. Originally I got into development because I was gaming, playing Minecraft, and wanted to take my interest in computers further so the obvious step was to begin learning the in depth specifics of them. I'd love to get to know more about you, whilst we have a coffee and discuss the details of your project.

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Recent Career Highlights

2019 - 2020

MineAcademy is a plugin development group and education platform. Working there as a Manager allowed me to share my knowledge of development with our students. I've been maintaining ChatControl and ChatControl-Pro while I worked at here.

Senior Team
App Manager
2019 - Present

I am fortunate to work for Senior Team's development department. I complete client commissions to a strict deadline and provide frequent updates whilst writing seemless code for them to enjoy.

My Awards

Java a OOP pre začiatočníkov

27 July 2020

This course gave me a good insight into Java. I was able to confidently develop my fundamental skills including the approach to using Java, learning methods, variables and data types but also learning how to debug my code and improve it.

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Java pre pokročilých

20 October 2020

This course allowed me to further enhance my Java knowledge and learn about many more aspects of Java coding. It enabled me to learn or get better at advanced systems like Regex, Generic Programming, AOOP, Databases, and much more.

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SpigotCourse Fundamental Series

21 June 2019

This course allowed me to build on my already existence fundamental knowledge and turn my plugin development skills into those of an expert. Clients love the improvements that I am able to offer with my code efficiency and proficiency in developing their ideas and dreams.

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SpigotCourse Mastery Series

12 August 2019

Being a Minecraft Developer, the SpigotCourse Mastery Series allowed me to develop my knowledge and turn my unique plugin ideas into a reality. It has benefited my career being a setup specialist and configurator as well because I am now able to apply this into those departments.

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Git pre začiatočníkov

30 July 2020

This course is designed to give an entry level qualification to those learning Git. I took this course to develop my proficiency and to be able to utilise the new fundamentals in my projects. It will also allow my team work skills to improve as it is a common version management utility.

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